Immigration Assistance

ANI, Al-Naqeeb International has immense experience operating in the Middle East and is well poised to advise and provide solutions for all immigration and labor related issues through our immigration assistance and is able to offer you the most up-to-date information through our legal services as well.

Our immigration department comprising of our experienced immigration specialists and Government Public Relations Officers (PROs), work with local ministries and authorities to ensure that all necessary work permits, residence permits and visas are approved and in good standing. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are able to legally work and reside in the host country either individually or with their families.

  1. Normalization & Legalization

    ANI provides all services required to ensure that all employees who are eligible for residency permit in the host country are normalized and/or legalized as applicable under the Labor Law. Services include but not limited to:

    • Work Visa
    • Residence Permits
    • Medicals
    • Drivers Licenses
    • Commercial Visit Visa
    • PCC, Background Checks & Attestations

  2. Payroll Service (WPS)

    ANI provides payroll services to meet Local Labor Laws and client regulations and policies.

  3. Life and Medical Insurance

    ANI provides Workmen’s compensation insurance for clients and employees.

  4. Base Access

    ANI provides Installation access support for clients to enter US Army bases and Ministry of Defense bases (DIBDS, CAC TDY, EAL, SPOD Passes and J2 Badges).