Commercial Representation

Foreign firms seeking a presence in the Middle East markets may do so by utilizing commercial agents, distributors or service agents and we at ANI,  Al-Naqeeb International would be more than happy to advise you of the best route depending on your product line or project that you wish to associate with and the Middle East agency with which you wish to do business. In most cases we at ANI would act as your service agent or commercial agent.

The three options are as follows:
  • Commercial agents promote products or services for a principal, as well as negotiate, conclude and carry out deals on behalf of the principal (within the scope and authorization provided in the contractual agreement).
  • A distributor promotes, imports, stocks and distributes the principal’s goods and services.
  • Service agents (sponsors) act as representatives for foreign firms seeking to contract with the government of the host country, but they generally offer less value addition.